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"For as much as you do it for the least of my brothers, you do it for me." - Jesus Christ

  • Street children are the result of acute poverty, a situation created by man and changeable by man himself. The efforts of aid agencies, non-government organizations, regular and private schools, individuals and affluent members of society must be coordinated in such a way as to negate this situation. Team work at the Pavement Club is a norm and not an option. It is a matter of being together, working towards a common cause.

  • The children are showered with love and care, giving them a sense of belonging. By making them aware of their rights as individuals, they can strive towards a better and brighter future. As the saying goes, "change begets change", but it takes a long time to win the confidence of the children who have for years been victims of emotional trauma and unfortunate surroundings.

  • The philosophy adopted and subsequently implemented is simple - encourage children to be disciplined and guide them to lead a normal life. It is our endeavour to give the children an opportunity to express themselves and to realize their self worth.